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The new Outlaw X powered by ZEISS VIVX lenses is certified to be a perfect optical instrument.

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DKK 6.999,00

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The front bar has been taken out of the frame so the visual site picture is unmatched. The shooter is presented with an unobstructed view without any imperfection or visual disruption. The temple design allows for extremely quick changing of the lens technology to maximize the performance of the product in any lighting condition.No other shooting glass technology provides more sight picture than the Outlaw X. The visual field is completely unobstructed as there is no front frame.No other shooting glass technology provides more sight picture than the Outlaw X. The visual field is completely unobstructed as there is no front frame.


Enhanced Definition
Transmittance 26%
Full Sun Conditions
Balanced Color
Background Neutralizer
Transmittance 66%
Great All Around lens
Low Lighting Condition
Designed to kill the background
and pop target orange.
Transmittance 54%
Medium Lighting/Clear Sky
Brilliant color enhancement
with significant contrast

Pilla Performance Eyewear engineers the finest shooting and hunting eyewear in the world. We have partnered with Carl Zeiss Vision, the
internationally recognized leader in optics to offer a new high performance lens science worthy of carrying the Zeiss name. Every product
we manufacture which carries the Zeiss logo has been certified by Zeiss engineers to be optically correct and meet a strict standard of
excellence. Our new Zeiss VIVX lens technologies utilize a proprietary formulation that manages light while enhancing color and is only found
in Pilla products. Our Pilla/Zeiss technologies deliver a visual experience unmatched in sports specific eyewear.

We outfit the majority of professional shooters in the world with our visual equipment.
We have stood on more podiums in the world championships over the past 10 years than any other
eyewear manufacturer servicing the shooting sports community.
8 of the 9 men’s shotgun Olympic medalists in 2012 in London used our visual equipment to
realize their dream of winning an Olympic medal. This was an affirmation of our determination
to provide a singularly unique piece of equipment for shooters.
To continue to develop our products and bring the very best in performance, we forged a
new partnership with Carl Zeiss Vision. Carl Zeiss has been producing optical perfection
since 1846 and is recognized as the international leader in optics. For over 165 years,
Carl Zeiss has accepted nothing less than creating the industry standard. Pilla is proud to
partner with a company that holds the same beliefs and can help continue to develop our
proprietary technologies to lead the industry in sports eyewear.
In 2012, we teamed with ZEISS engineering professionals to further enhance our light
management system architecture. We have been able to improve on our benchmark lens
technologies and have created a premium collection of lenses called ZEISS VIVX.
VIVX is a rich color enhancement technology, tuned to maximize the perceptive ability of the
eye in a variety of lighting conditions and environmental backgrounds.
VIVX is the newest generation of high definition lens science from Pilla and perfected by ZEISS.
We are proud to have achieved a level of product engineering worthy of carrying the ZEISS name. To be granted this special badge of credibility,
our products must meet a very stringent set of requirements. Our lens and frame engineering must be done in concert to yield a perfect optical
instrument. Our frame design must not interfere with the lens capability and must produce a complete union capable of delivering optical perfection.
Our products are not optically perfect until ZEISS engineers say our products are optically perfect.
We are proud to announce we have achieved optical perfection with the introduction of the 2013 PILLA powered by ZEISS VIVX platform.
Pilla products alone use ZEISS VIVX lens technology. These ZEISS lenses are proprietary to Pilla products and are exclusively mounted on
Pilla engineered eyewear.